6 Car Sounds That Require Your Urgent Attention

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29 Aug 2015
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When you ignore your car’s health, it hurts, and hurts pretty bad, here are 6 engine sounds that must not ignore at any time

A car – to most people – is a part of the family as it provides you a mean of transportation to take your family out on vacation, drop your children at school, and take you to your office or even to grocery on Sundays. Your car has also gotten old by the passage of time and as it ages, it emits different sounds to let you know of any problem it might have. If you hear your car howls, shrieks, growls or whimpers – do not ignore it – inspect the area or engine part you feel the sound is coming from.

In the case of overlooking, you can face serious problems and may be a massive dent on your pocket when you go for repairs, so listen to your car very carefully and pay full attention if hear any of the unusual sounds. We have compiled a list of 6 most common sounds that requires your urgent attention; furthermore there are some reasons and solutions suggested to those problems that might help you a lot.

Petrol Engine Clatters like Diesel Engine

Sometimes car engines rattle like a diesel engine, but in fact they are petrol engines, it is the point where you need to seriously think about it. It is just the beginning where the actual problem is building up. After some time – this problem will lead you to Detonation, which is also known as Knocking or pinging, a serious spark plug problem which can even damage your car engine.

Common Causes:

Usually it happens when you use bad grade petrol and or the ignition timing goes wrong which causes premature fuel ignition.

Suggested Solution:

Immediately switch from present fuel to high octane fuel that has the higher resistance against detonation and try different fuel filling station. Check your engine’s ignition timing if the problem persists

Drumming Sound Underneath The Car

If your car is running at the motorway speed and you feel a Questlove drumming like sounds from the bottom side of your car, but it happens only when your car sprints on the road at high speed even the engine rpms are low, it is a sign of a very serious problem which can lead you to very dreadful results.

Common Causes:

It usually happens when the universal joint fails or in some cases the loose bushing of the driveshaft. Both cases are very serious and can end up with sudden crashes. When the U-Joints completely fails due to worn out bushings, the driveshaft flops around and sounds like drums, it can dig into the pavement and pole-vaults of the car, resultantly, it crashes.

Suggested Solution:

Look over the driveshaft for worn out or wrecked bushings or parts, immediately swap them, or contact a mechanic.

Million Fingernails Scratching on a Chalkboard Like Sound

When you start up the engine of your car or push it from stand still and it sounds like a million fingernails scrapping on chalkboard, it sounds very badly and there is a cent percent chance that your fuming neighbour will kill you if it continues for a while.

Common Causes:

Usually it happens when your drive belts looses or slips upon the pulleys. This condition is seriously dying even when you drive. When drive belts worn out or gone aged or even they are in the wrong tension conditions.

Suggested Solution:

Carefully inspect the belt tension and try to correct it, furthermore, inspect the drive belt for cracks and fraying, if you found any of given signs, straightaway replace the drive belt with a same size replacement belt.

A Sharp Tapping With The Lift In Engine Rpms

A sharp tapping like sound comes from the engine when it starts and this tapping sound increases with the engine rpms and disturbs you like you are in the laundry and a washing machine is clunking.

Common Causes:

It is likely a sound of connecting rod and or most probably it is knocking. It usually happens when you do not change engine oil for a long period or failure of connecting rod bearing or any snag in the oil supply.

It is an extremely serious engine sound that requires your immediate attention. In the case of broken connecting rod, it will blow your entire engine block with the metal parts shunning your car engine and oil will flame out within no time.

Suggested Solution:

Immediately stop your car and inspect you your engine oil levels because if this problem caught early then it can be solved by simply replacing the bearings but if overlooked then the dent on your pocket will be massive.

A Grinder Is Running Somewhere

If you feel something like a metal grinding then it is the case of brakes and brake pads. The brake shoes are making permanent connection with the brake drums.

 Common Causes:

The brake shoe material has completely worn out and has not strength to control your vehicle anymore. Your car’s brake drums or rotors are further destroying the leather seats, brake pads making squeal when they are worn out completely, in this case car may pull to one side when you try to apply the brakes and there is a possibility of a crash.

Suggested Solution:

Usually people don’t notice this sound but is a very serious issue and requires your attention so fix the brakes by replacing the brake pads or shoe.

A Whine Like Feeling On Turning The Steering Wheel

Sometimes car’s steering wheel behaves rudely and moans like an empty icing machine when you turn it on low speeds. In most cases it causes a steering pump failure that leads to a dangerous ending, usually a loss of steering assistance system.

Common Causes:

The prime reason of this sound is the use of inaccurate fluid grades in the steering pump that causes a serious damage and pump groans to death.

Suggested Solution:

You should check the steering pump fluid levels frequently and regularly and top off if needed but in the case of look up, you should ready to buy a new steering pump anyways.

When the scheduled maintenance is carried out regularly, keeping your car running is hassle-free and enjoyable, but when you ignore your car’s health, it hurts and hurts pretty bad. Sometimes, it requires a complete engine replacement if not the gruesome parts change. Treat your vehicle as if it’s your family member.

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