Are you Curious to Know About What Citroen Got for you in 2019?

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25 Jun 2019
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Citroen, one of the most reliable automotive manufacturer from past many years introduced many masterpieces to the auto lovers

Citroen is a risk taker especially when it comes to its hatchback and SUV class. The styling details which this brand adopts give the onlooker something interesting to look at. Oh, wait! You are not of the view that there will be only the exterior which is offered and everything ignored? No, this is not the case.

The interior and exterior are equally treated; Whether it is the latest ones going to appear in the market or the ones that came before them. There is something different every time a new Citroen comes to the market and the same is going to continue in the year 2019.

For this year there are obviously the previous ones carried forward; while some new are going to step in and make their place in the brand. The brand is very active in introducing new products and tries to make each one interesting in a unique way. This is not to say that every product has a good sale graph; but you cannot look away when there is a Citroen on the road.

There has been a joint venture in the market; from this company but the ones produced solely by them are the ones you really want to experience. In the following lines, let’s just look at the ones going to be on sale in 2019 or so.

C5 Aircross making its way to the European market

This is a five-seat addition to the Citroen family having an SUV body style. This one is not new to the market available in China since 2017. The concept behind is to give something fresh to the families. It is going to make its debut in Europe in 2019. A plug-in hybrid version will be in the market in 2020.

C5 is one of those SUVs which want to give the owner a touch of sport style car. But still useful for the purpose. The SUV is late but at least there is something for the category now. This one has a soft ride fulfilling a promise to the customers of a comfortable alternative.

The suspension installed in the car takes control whenever there is a rough surface and keeps it peaceful on small bumps on a routine road. With 3.0-litre Citroen C5 diesel engine you feel like flying in the air while inside it. The body roll is well in control, there may be a little though but it is not apparent.

There are petrol and diesel choices but the 180 hp diesel and petrol are good to own. There is still more to explore when the vehicle hit the market.

DS3 Crossback a nice addition to the SUV category of the sub-brand

DS3 Crossback has its own way of doing things. It is an SUV but not like the usual lot. The buyer can personalize the car exterior according to his will. There is a choice of 10 bodies and three roof colours to choose from.

You can make the car your own in the true sense and there is no need to go from place to place to have the body colour work done. The styling details really raise the standard of work the company has done to make a difference. And it is not just the front and sides; the rear is as handsome as any other dimension of the vehicle.

There is a wow effect when you enter the inside and resisting praising is a thing impossible to achieve over here. The unusual diamond shape prevailing over here gives an up class impression and the luxury prevails in the other aspects as well also.

For the driving part, the company has concentrated on the comfort side more. There is a choice of petrol engines, diesel engine and an electric model as well.

A great achievement in the WRC for Citroen

WRC is a great contribution by this brand in the racing arena. There is no new release that it is going to be mentioned over here but there is another purpose for this. The current world champion Sebastien Ogier is going to start his carrier; with Citroen to take it to the level it once was.

This is very special news for the car maker as he has won six times consecutively while working with the Volkswagen group. With all the new innovations going on within the company this section is also hoped to get the best of the cars among Citroen.

Will he be able to do it for Citroen? The future will only tell. The racer is top class and if those cars support him then there will be nothing can stop that to happen.

Is the news of a new large car in the air?

Yes, this is true. The announcement by CEO Linda Jackson has confirmed that there will be a large saloon introduced in the year 2019 or 2020. It is said to be different from the rest offered by different companies.

And it sure will be when Citroen is claiming. It is expected that the exterior will be one of its kind and every other aspect changing from normal to special. Luxury is going to be a badge its creation and with the advanced tech installed this one is sure to boost the brand.

For now, the concept car has been showed and the final product is yet to make way to the market. The car is going to be a new era as far as comfort and ride, handling is concerned. The advanced comfort suspension by Citroen is going to be responsible for the function.

The dimensions and wheelbase are not too much different from the other within the company’s line up; but the dramatic design is no doubt impressive. The CEO also said that Citroen bases its car on the feel-good notion and want the brand to create a different story when for the automobile industry.

Attractive, inspirational and iconic are the lines on which the carmaker is concentrating on and want the present and future products to present this idea well.

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