Audi TT to Hunt Porsche with 395bhp Engine

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12 May 2016
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Audi has introduced the TT RS Coupe and Roadster with 395 bhp engine to beat the Porsche 718 Cayman S


Audi TT is back with the RS roadster and coupe versions but this time it has to offer something different to beat the models like Porsche Cayman with more powerful Audi TT engines. Audi has plans to retain its characterful five cylinder engines to produce a whirl of power from them.

Audi TT engines

Audi TT RS coupe and roadster have retained its five cylinder 2.5-litre engines made of the aluminium instead of cast iron. Audi product manager for the production of the RS Annette Mollhof said that the five cylinder engine is a one core element of the new TT RS. He calls the five cylinder engine, one of the most emotional engines in the Audi engines line up.

He stated that the engine has been completely refined and refreshed to give more power than its standard delivery. It has fascinating and strong sound but there is nothing artificial in the sound delivery of the engine.

What Audi expects form the new TT RS

Audi stated that the all new and promising engine is more emotional unit and has a crispy sound on the tailpipes, so there is no doubt that it definitely will outshine it’s all the competitors in the market. Audi is bringing the new model to the road tests soon.

Powerful Cranking, No Downsizing

Yes! Audi has refused the downsizing at the five pot 2.5-litre engine and said that it is a refined unit to produce 395bhp and a torque of 354bhp with the power availability across the engine revolutions from 1750 to 5850rpm.

Performance on the Road

Audi TT RS coupe and roadster can sprint on the road with massive power and it crosses the 62 miles per hour mark in just over 3.5 seconds, however the roadster accounts for 10 percent of total TT sales in the Europe. It has electronically top speed of 155 miles per hour.

You can contact your local Audi to place an order soon because he deliveries will probably be starting in September.

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