BMW 120d Comes With a Powerful Performing Engine

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10 Oct 2018
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You have to open your mind to this diesel to really know what it is worth

Many of us do not try new things because there is that all-time favourite notion that keeps on lingering their mind about that certain thing. Same as when we talk about a diesel engine car. People do not give a chance to let a certain engine perform and then judge. Talks apart, BMW 120d is certainly a must try when you are after a sports-oriented car and a one fit for the driving purpose. This is a starter but it shows the class a BMW car should have. BMW 120d engines are one of the finest ones, showing superb ability on road and not disappointing the rider in an effort to extract more from them. You may have experienced such engines in the past but this one is different. The styling that 1 series adopt is cool. You do not have to follow the conventional BMW style with this vehicle.

It is unlike those many cars you see on road. The interior of this ride has been designed to give the occupiers a nice dissimilar environment. Everything in the car is situated according to the convenience of the driver.

The usual engine with amazing power

The engine powering this structure is a 2.0-litre BMW Diesel Engine. It is the same engine which is already there in BMW but with different specification. The horsepower it generates is 161 hp and a 251 pound-feet of torque. This one leads its petrol counterpart and is more efficient whether on long routes or in town. Taking over is not a problem and the torque starts to show on 2000 rpm and reaches its peak when touches 4000 rpm. Travelling from 0-60 takes 7.1 seconds which is not bad at all for a starting trim. The brakes are strong, the engine is responsive and the steering is accurate. There are also reconditioned BMW 120d engines in the UK easily available.

There are a manual gearbox and an automatic one both of which perform well according to their capacity. But automatic gearbox increases the capacity of performance and you get an easy speed with less effort.


This BMW 120d is no doubt a good handler. Due to the accurate steering, there is no misjudgment of placing the car. It will do exactly it is told to do. The visibility is good with no hindrance from the structure. This feature also helps in the right insertion and especially when it comes to parking. It has a sporty feel the way it drives and the occupiers clearly get the idea of which type they are in. The steering helps a lot when it comes to handling. It gets light on slow speeds to make the rotating part easy and when in higher speeds it becomes heavier so as to get a better grip of fast movements. The turning in sharp corners is not a problem with quick responses from the steering this task is also performed easily even at high speeds.

Equipment installed and interior

Every 1 series has a DAB, sat-nav and a 6.5-inch screen as standard. There are also shortcut buttons for the screen which really helps the easy functioning. This way switching between modes and other tools related to the screen becomes easily accessible. There is also a system of BMW remote services which allows many functions to be operated with ease.

The seats of BMW 120d are very comfortable for all passengers. There is a strong grip from the seats which allows the driver to remain at a stable position when moving in speed. The rear seats have lesser space then the front and a tall person will find it difficult to adjust in.

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