BMW 520d is Nothing Less Than a Complete Family Car

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6 Aug 2019
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5 series giving the market a range of large saloons fit for family and companies

BMW knows how to keep its customers happy and attached which shows in BMW 5 series. This is an executive saloon which is not just a large car which can move people around. There is cabin comfort and its way to move is equally appreciated.

The exterior remains unchanged for a long time despite some minor changes. For a traditional look, there is the SE trim while to get aggressive elements you have to switch to the M Sport trim.

From the inside, you can feel the strong build and quality of materials used. The passengers, as well as the driver, feel relaxed no matter the journey is long or short. The boot capacity is not missing over here making it a car fit for a family vacation.

There is a refined suspension which mainly makes the cabin high class. BMW 520d engines are smooth making the one who owns to stick with the choice. When you get a good range of features then why update to the higher model.

The noiseless four-cylinder engine

For BMW 520d there is a four-cylinder 2.0-litre diesel engine ready to give 188 horsepower and a torque of 400 Nm. The torque starts showing itself from a low limit of 1750 rpm. There is an eight-speed automatic gear change attached to the engine which changes accordingly without letting felt.

It has a diesel engine but still, it impresses the driver to the extent that he/she can easily take it as a petrol one. The engine is not aggressive but still, it has the refinement which becomes its power. BMW 520d is a really good choice when you need a good size car that can also drive you in town.

The highway capability of this BMW is not questioned also giving an easy takeover. The ride is smooth and does not feel overworked at any level. The engine is capable of taking this car to any road surface due to its low rev capability.

Different modes give a different attitude to the car making it peaceful or aggressive accordingly. With all this, there is a good fuel economy attached to it. This means you can cover a long distance as you desire but still, your pocket is happy.

To add more there are BMW engines remanufactured available in case the older one broke down. Reconditioned BMW 520d engines for sale come from reliable dealers who make sure that only the best thing becomes available to the purchasers.

How it feels to be inside

If you want the fun to drive factor the new 5 series is going to give much more in that area. If you want a stable and reliable ride then 520d is a very nice choice. Steering of this trim is precise better than its predecessor. There is improved feedback and it has proper weight for it.

The car is quick. Changing direction or turning is not a problem at all and despite its weight and size, the action does not become slow. The cabin feels stable due to less body roll which can become a problem otherwise especially while turning.

The car has a really good road grip which improves the interior environment. For the present 520d, the stress is on providing a relaxed ride and a soothing one. With improvements in suspension, this area is a much pleasing one now. Due to a good grip of wheels, the occupiers enjoy the vehicle whether in high speeds or lower ones.

Rich in safety

The car is safe, there are lots of tools inside that makes this vehicle safe not only for the insiders but on-road people also. ABS, Active Park Distance Control, Attentiveness alert, Dynamic Stability Control, Dynamic Traction Control, Crash Sensor and Side Impact Protection.

This is the technical side of it, there are airbags present for passenger and the driver. Even this base trim is loaded with safety measures and the number rises as model advances. So, 5 series is categorized as protected with all the important gadgets.

You are not going to miss any facility in 520d as BMW know very well how to treat its products. While buying this model you are not doing any harm to your money.

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