Citroen Relay with Euro6 Compliant Diesel Engine

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7 Jan 2019
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The van received the much-required update in 2014 to keep posing good competition for the rivals

A commercial van does not need to be very appealing in appearance but Citroen Relay is eye-catching and it adds a good reason to own it. This panel van is versatile and its cargo area used for carrying goods. It is a popular option in this segment and since 2006, it has maintained its stature among the buyers. The van received much-required update in 2014 to keep posing good competition for the rivals. A couple of years later, the vehicle got Euro6 compliant diesel engine to keep intact the buyers as they do not want to pay extra taxes due to emission criteria. To replace the engine of the old Citroen van, you can have Citroen Relay engines supply and fit facility in the UK. By doing so the lagging behind vehicle becomes agile once again. And also the drawbacks are tried to minimize in the reconditioned units. That is why it is considered a good alternative and cheap as well to prolong the life of a vehicle without changing it. As this van and two other vehicles of the same segment are originated from the same platform. So it becomes difficult to differentiate between the three.

Powerful Engine Line-Up of Citroen Relay

The new engine lineup introduced two years back is smarter than the earlier as it downsized from 2.2 litres to Citroen Relay 2.0 litre Blue-HDi diesel motors. But it is important to know that the power output of the new engine lineup is almost identical to the outgoing. The company has claimed to be more focused on the cost of keeping the vehicle on the move which clearly suggests that the fuel consumption has been decreased. The new Relay has headlights and grille of the new cars of Citroen. Furthermore, the use of chrome at the front also makes it exterior appealing. Increase improvement in other areas like doors and brakes.

The aforesaid two things are the most used and their enhanced durability is sure of great value to the buyers of the new Relay. On the emission side, it has made remarkable advancement by reducing carbon emission and restraining it to match the Euro6 standards.

Manual Gearbox of Six Speed Transmissions is Standard

For the interior, the buyers could have more optional specifications to enhance their driving experience. Satellite navigation, auto wipers, rear view camera and lane departure warning are also available but at extra cost to give you the safe and modern driving experience. The lineup has three different outputs 110hp, 130hp and new more powerful 160hp. The only manual gearbox of six-speed transmissions is standard and they don’t give automatic gearbox option. Stop-start tech feature is also present in the 130hp model. All these vans are front wheel drive vehicles. The load capacity starts from little above a ton to go as far as little less than 2 tons. The load volume of the smallest van is 8 cubic meters.

And of the largest vehicle in the range are 17. In this way, it gives a lot of variety in all areas like engine power, load capacity and load volume. With the addition of new features, the vehicle is very much in the contest with the rivals. Apart from these inclusions, the van also manages to lower the fuel consumption further in the new model.

Similarly, The Carbon Emission is Also At The Lowest

The smallest of the vans in this range claims to be the most economical. But the engine of 130hp with the stop-start feature is, in fact, has the best fuel average. Similarly, the carbon emission is also at the lowest with this 130hp motor having stop-start technology. In other vehicles of the range, it increases from 154g/km to 158g/km. It smartly designs to minimize the cost of repair in case of a bump. The front bumper built in three separate parts so that the cost of repair remains least. People like it because of its easily available and low-cost tyres.

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