Ford Mondeo Vignale Faces Tough Competition in Executive Saloon Segment

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22 Dec 2015
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The Mondeo Vignale 2015, an upmarket version from Ford, faces a very tough competition from BMW 3-series and Mercedes C-Class

The new Mondeo Vignale is facing a very tough competition, just after its launch into the executive saloon segment. Ford has priced the Vignale to compete the BMW 3-series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Jaguar.

What it offers?

Ford says that they are not creating a direct competition for the 3-series and C-Class, but trying to allow the existing customers to get a bit extra from the Mondeo.

There are number of owners who have selected the top spec models and the Vignale is a step up model. It has even better kit, attention to detail and exclusivity.

What does Ford expect?

Ford says that they are not expecting huge sales from the new Vignale.

Instead, it hopes to retain the existing customers, those who may be looking for something better and even luxurious from the brand.

Ford Vignale engines and price

The price range for the Vignale starts at £29,350 and it is offered with three engine options, including one Ecoboost or a petrol electric hybrid. The remaining two options are definitely Ford diesel engines.

There is a great choice of gearboxes too, a six speed manual, a PowerShift auto and a CVT gearbox offered on both diesel and petrol engines.

Range Topping engine

There is no doubt that diesel engines are the most powerful and range topping versions. A 207bhp diesel engine delivers 450Nm of torque and it is a strong performer.

It is strong enough and easy to drive in the heavy traffic. It is a bit expensive in terms of fuel consumption. Lower powered models are fuel economical and return 68.9mpg.

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