Ford Ranger is Much Appealing Than Ever

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20 Jul 2018
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Ford Ranger diesel engines are efficient and mostly up to the task

To keep challenging the rivals, Ford Ranger has made necessary changes while taking to the facelift couple of years ago. After that, the four trim levels have become more laden with tech features than before. The entry level two models XL and XLT are purely designed to act like a workhorse rather than a comfort pro approach. Three body styles Regular, Super and Double Cab are definitely to offer the buyers the most suitable vehicle according to their work nature and demand. Capability to tow the load is also different as capacity load capacity differs. Whatever terrain you select it would not let you down as it is a tough vehicle for tough jobs and for this thanks to Ford Ranger diesel engines that are efficient and up to the task. But at the same the company has attempted to appeal the buyers who want to enjoy luxuries in a pickup truck by offering them what upscale car makers have been included in their light commercial vehicles. Two seats in Regular cab and four seats in Super cab with rugged settings are to work hard but the Double cab with five seats is to offer comfort and reasonable load space at the same time.

Refinement is not Ideal but it has been improved

Ford Ranger has total three engines and all of them are using same fuel, diesel. Two of them are 2.2 litre having four cylinders with output different as one gives 128bhp and the other 157bhp. Third one is the most robust 3.2 litre five-cylinder and of 197bhp so you can go for it to make things easier. The first one in the range is only for two-seat Regular model and configured for two wheel drive. It is reasonably good but when looking the other two it may not seem good enough to the most. There are companies in UK offering used Ford Ranger engine supply and fit so you get it at very low rate. The next in the row is 157bhp power producer it makes typical sound and you get an impression that it would tow the load far better and prove you right with its superb performance to haul heavy loads.

Gearbox and speed transmissions

Cabin refinement is better than the rivals as most of the noises die down outside and calm prevails inside. In this way driving experience or traveling in a Ford Ranger is not agonizing. Pick of the 2.5 litre diesel engine is with 157bhp as it has the required pull to tow the loaded pickup and another reason is standard four wheel drive that helps to keep going on difficult tracks. The quickest of the engines is the most clattering and it is 3.2 litre diesel five-cylinder. While driving it you feel quite confident when cruising on a motorway and thinking of overtaking. Shifting manual speed transmissions is not a smooth with act so gearbox needs to be improved in coming models. Optional automatic gearbox with six speed transmissions is rather good in performance. But it is still not good enough to match the best in the class. Track undulations are felt strongly by the riders just like in any other vehicle of this segment. So in comfort it is in between the two extremes neither too good nor too bad. Road grip for all models with all wheel drive is quite good and it helps in handling too. Differential Lock and Hill Ascending Control are two features that would help the driver to keep things well under control.

On roads than other tracks two wheel drive mode is a better choice because it consumes lesser fuel and handling remains very nice. But the cargo bay should not have been empty for this kind of performance. If no load in the rear then grip of hind tires would not remain great particularly on smoother or greasy road. Driving seat is quite elevated and you can view things better than in a car. For comfort of the person sitting on this seat six ways adjustment though manual has been allowed. In certain trims this feature becomes automatic and for eight different direction. Optional front parking sensors and rear view camera in costly trims are very good additions as driving aides.

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