Honda Civic with New Sporty Exterior

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10 Apr 2017
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Definite sportier look of new Honda Civic has made this year model a hot-cake and everyone is wishing for it. It is excellent value of your money as engine is nice and exterior is thriving. Stability control, side and curtain bags and automatic climate control are newly added facilities for the owners of this vehicle. Comfort is also envious for the rivals as the seats are supportive and unlike old models, the cabin is free of wind and tire sound while moving at speed. When you think of comfort of this year Honda Civic it does seem as Accord has been shrunk. Due to these improvements, it has become well rounded for long distances as well as short destinations. The driver seat has been powered to get adjusted in eight ways so that ideal position achieved for better vision and reach to pedals. The base level machine is the best for low fuel consumption and pulling power.

Best engine present in range and performance

Entry level kicks off with 1.5 liter turbocharged engine that delivers best performance in the class though require less fuel for this show. From zero to sixty miles per hour speed this would take 6.7 seconds that describes acceleration of the car. Even higher trim level engine is bit sluggish so it is recommended by the experts. Steering is a key in handling and this time it is precise and weight is also good. On turns body rolls remain under control and driver feel freedom to move at will. Stability system remains active to continue with ease of driving. There are no more underpowered brakes that were stuck to this brand. Emergency brakes when tested at 60mph to stop it covered 117 feet and in traffic they are good with excellent feel of pedal.

Increased comfort level is a blessing for riders

The road imperfections can not be fully avoided but they are dampened to disturb riders least. So the riders feel as they would have been in a big sized car with refined interior. Engine noise is not matching to Honda reputation because turbocharged growls more on the contrary road and wind noise remained under check. Honda Touch screen interface lacks quality when compared to other cars in competition. But overall impression of cabin is excellent for offering space for riders and their things. Front row centre console has been smartly designed.

Interior technology is little messy

Seven inches touch-screen keeps all controls well in reach but not easy to manage as options present remain confusing at most times. Getting in the cabin is easy as rear doors are also wide and you can easily install a child seat. The roof is much sloped than previous Honda Saloons that demand riders to keep this fact in mind. The real feel of the vehicle is much luxurious than you pay for it. Availability of space is not enough but better use of it is real issue that has been addressed in this model. Cargo space is 15.1 cubic feet and large opening make it easy to put luggage in.

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