Honda CR-V is best product of company

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17 Jan 2017
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New Model comes up with little changes

There has always been particular product of a manufacturer that becomes backbone of the whole unit and same is said about CR-V for Honda Car Company that is famous for Honda CR-V diesel engine. Fluctuation in sales and response by buyers is quite common phenomenon and this brand also has gone through these ups and downs. Sales of present model are so impressive that chances of surfacing latest version are quite low.

Those who get it for the first time also finds this car as trustworthy, fuel efficient and no major complaint against it. The minor trims include facelift, more style and safety measures that have made it an ultimate choice for the buyers around the world. Use of chrome is quite prominent and also adds luxury in look of the vehicle.

Catchy Interior

Side decorations with chrome are eye catching. In this way it has been matching the brilliance of high end brands. LED taillights, signals for turning and running lights for daytime have made it a new car as all the mentioned trims were missing in previous version.

By the time a lot of improvements are quite visible in this automobile that indicates progressive approach of the producer to keep pace with the ever changing needs of modern day life.

Engines of the car are efficient and produce good speed

The two engines have come up with single type of transmission and it is continuously variable transmission. Entry level LX has 2.4 litre that is capable of producing 184hp. The second option for you could be 1.5 litre four cylinder turbo engines that offer 190hp.

Pick of these two is the last one as it performs well and remains steady on all types of routes. Steering of the car is also practically good and makes it further lucrative for drivers to own this smart option for their road transport.

Cabin Features have been made more users friendly

When it comes to inside cabin the upgrades are quite noteworthy. Touch screen of seven inches has a knob to control radio and it has placed on a dashboard that is of high class and is divided in three zones. Honda company is courageous enough to move on and leave the past behind while introducing changes in features.

It has brought back the USB ports that were demanded by the buyers so the manufacturer is well aware of the concerns of those who use the products. Side doors pockets now can hold bottles of one liter so more capacity is available for the passengers. Cabin has become roomier as the wheelbase has stretched 1.6 inch. It helps to provide a couple of inches more legroom to riders on back seats.

Similarly cargo carrying capacity has also increased so now you may load more and bigger items in the area of cargo. By all these useful upgrades the company has attempted to transform this car into an ultimate choice of the buyers of this class of vehicles.

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