Honda NSX Supercar Reborn with 550bhp Hybrid Powertrain

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26 Jul 2016
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Honda rebuilds the £130k NSX supercar with more than 550bhp twin faster V6 electric powertrain

The all new Honda NSX was first revealed at the Detroit motor show in January 2015. It has been more than one and half year since the last model was introduced in the UK and we are waiting for the new NSX. Finally, officials have announced the pricing details that the new model will start from around £130,000 in the UK. This price tag puts it into the firing line of German opponents such as the Audi R8 and Porsche 911, however around £30k more than the petrol-electrical BMW i8.

When it is coming?

First deliveries of the 550bhp hybrid will start in September; nonetheless the order books are open now. The standard and first ever Honda NSX was introduced at the Chicago Motor show in 1989. The first ever model was developed with the help of late F1 legend Ayrton Senna.

What it looks like?

It looks like a move between an Audi R8 and McLaren 650S with its aluminium composite and metallic body, the daring new NSX casts an implanting profile. The low roofline and new air vents provide it an undeniably aggressive look, with stunning LED headlights and a pair of sharp lines on the bumpers. It pushes the boundaries of Honda prior to a conventional design language.

Design features

At the rear, there aren’t any clues of being it an eco-friendly hybrid powertrain. There are four primary exhausts, LED lights and a race-focused diffuser. It is substantially wider than you would feel, too, with gigantic tyres giving the vehicle enormous but firm contact with the tarmac. Suffice to claim, within the steel, few automobiles can match its performance and presence on the road.

Light-weight Chassis Technology

Maintaining with the legacy of the fashioned dubbed first all-aluminium supercar, the brand new Honda NSX offers world-first different material development. It makes use of a most modern body design constructed of aluminium, extremely-excessive-strength metal and distinct advanced materials and other gadgets.

Hybrid powertrains and all-wheel-drive systems

Beneath the bonnet is a specifically developed nine-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which Honda says offers quick gear changes and rev-matching downshifts. It paired with a longitudinally hooked up direct-injection V6 Honda petrol engine, boosted with the aid of a single electrical motor driving the rear axle. Entry-level models have further two motors which can transfer equal power on the all axles with range of torque.

Honda calls the new powertrain configuration as its recreation Hybrid all-wheel-power system (SH-AWD), working along Agile handling assistant (AHA), which subtly applies the brakes to every wheel to increase dynamic stability. However, the engine start button placed in the centre of the dash, nestled inside the integrated Dynamics style control console, allowing the drivers to select from Quiet, sport, sport+ and track riding modes.

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