In hybrid engine there is no comparison of Hyundai Ioniq

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31 Oct 2017
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Good and reasonable performance with good practicality

Hyundai Ioniq is a worthy Hybrid vehicle with great performance

Hybrid Ioniq is one of the leading hybrid vehicles of the day. With extra ordinary low running cost it is very friendly. If we compare it with Toyota Prius then the selection will be difficult for the client because both vehicles have great features to tempt anyone. Toyota Prius has good name and good fame but it is surprisingly said that Hyundai Ioniq gives very tough time to its rivals due to its classic look, style and performance. Hyundai Ioniq is a very strong hybrid vehicle, packed with all necessary features and equipment. Well and strong built with perfect hybrid engines, Hyundai Ioniq is the car of the day.

Nice and stylish exterior and interior are reasonable as well

Hyundai Ioniq offers a great exterior with almost straight front hood and uplift tail like Toyota Prius. Exterior is dashing and of sleek and appealing look. Well balanced body structure with dark and deep creases on its side walls makes its impression.  Exterior is solid and durable. Front grille looks very dashing with slightly oblique headlamps and LED fog lights. Interior is also interesting one.

Overall standard of interior is reasonable except some of cheap plastic. Dashboard is fine with good and useful functions. Interior practicality is quite good and handsome. There is enough space at front for driver’s and front passenger’s head and legs and the situation is the same at rear. Sitting arrangement is nice and comfortable. Steering wheel position is up right to give perfect grip and control.

Features and equipment are good in quality and practicality

Hyundai has left no stone unturned to make its Ioniq worthy to compete its rivals. There are Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 to give challenge Hyundai Ioniq but I think prius and Ioniq has the right competition with each other, and with Ioniq Hybrid Specifications, it can beat its rivals. Both are big and complete car with good size and body structure. Anti-lock braking system, LED bi-xenon headlights, dual zone climate control, air conditioning unit, rear parking sensors with camera, standard airbags with side curtains, Sat Nav, Apple Carplay and Android Adaptability, adaptive cruise control with speed limiter, pedestrian detectors at the speed of 45km/h, automatic wipers. Electric seats and electric windows, heated and cooled seats and heated mirrors, remote and central locking, lumbar support and steering wheel rake and reach adjustment is there to give perfect road grip and control. All features are of good quality and with good practical approach.

Hybrid engines perform well

1.6litre plug-in hybrid engine is capable of 139bhp and 185lb/ft torque. It takes 9.3 seconds to get from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 110m/h. This petrol/plug-in Electric hybrid Hyundai engine is coupled with six speed automatic gearbox and front wheel drive option as standard.

In Hyundai Ioniq there is an Electric engine with 118bhp and 219lb/ft torque. It is good in response and takes 9.9 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 103m/h. It is fitted with one speed automatic gearbox with front wheel drive unit as standard. Both engines are smooth and quiet, offer relaxed driving experience.

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