Impressively Practical New Honda CR-V with Improved Engine Performance

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16 Jun 2016
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Honda CR-V- A true combination of beauty and engine power


Honda CR-V was one of the best original compact SUVs since its launch in 1995. It is famous for its practicality. The latest fourth-generation facelift has given the CR-V more of a premium feel than ever. Honda CR-V engines are fuel economical and are efficient from most of the rivals.

Many of the CR-V competitors are most to fun to drive, but Honda is matchless in Motorway cruiser. However the Honda CR-V is considered to be slightly expensive from some seriously talented alternatives.

Engine Variants

Honda CR-V offers two engine variants. One diesel engine and the other one is petrol engine.

Diesel Engine

The diesel engine is powered with the 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel with two states of tune. One is lower power version which produces 118bhp and 300Nm of torque. A strong positive side of this version is that the 1.6-litre diesel unit is 116kg lighter than the older version of 2.2 CR-V. The new diesel unit replaced the old 2.2-litre unit which produces range-topping 148-bhp. This delivers the same torque of 350Nm, but increases 10bhp to the mix and it is 40bhp more powerful then the entry model of 1.6-litre with 158bhp. The both 1.6 versions produce the maximum torque from 2000rpm and achieve peak power at 4000rpm.

Petrol Engine

A 2.0-litre i-VTEC petrol engine is the second model range of Honda CR-V. It offers 153bhp at 6500rpm. When we compare it to the diesel version, it is lesser in torque with 192Nm at a peaky 4300rpm. The petrol engine is not considered to worth considering over the 1.6 i-DTEC motor. The diesel unit makes more sense with lower CO2 emission and higher efficiency on running costs.

What’s inside the CR-V?

The previous model of CR-V is not well shaped but the latest version removed all the barriers and is cohesive and attractive shape.  Even on comparison from the Nissan Qashqai and Mazda CX-5, the CR-V leads the race of beauty looks.

Three prominent chrome bars dominates the aggressive front end. The tweaked suspension, steering and gearbox components are also improved in beauty. The overall design alterations add up to a more attractive car.

Honda CR-V engine is improved from the previous versions and is efficient in fuel consumptions.

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