The Latest Honda CR-V is far better Than Its Predecessors

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16 Mar 2017
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The New Honda CR-V is an Impressive SUV with Lots of Tech

Honda CR-V is a reliable, economical and practical SUV

If you compare this vehicle with other available SUVs, then you might feel a little bit disappointment but CR-V is a good, efficient, practical and reliable SUV overall. The strong built along with go anywhere ability makes it a reasonable choice for any family. Honda as a manufacturer has its own worth, though the CR-V is old fashioned look and style, but still considered as a good market item. Now it is in its fourth generation and the automaker claims, increasing in its demand all over the world. There are competent rivals in the market and Honda CR-V struggles hard to sustain its position in front of them. The Mazda CX-5, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Qashqai, BMW X3, Toyota RAV-4 and Audi Q3 are its main rivals. The best point of this vehicle is its resale value, Honda CR-V is considered as the best vehicle in resale due to its good and practical approach along with the un-challenging standard of Honda.

With Good and Reasonable Interior, the New CR-V Has Its Own Impression

Though Honda, being as a manufacturer, has its own line of working, but the new CR-V is designed with the latest approach that time demands. The new Honda CR-V is available in more efficient look, style and impressive interior than its predecessors. Honda has changed its interior as well as its exterior, new front grille is a good addition with stylish headlights. The back of CR-V gives a solid impression of its presence. The dashboard is appealing and with lots of controls that are also effective in performance. The seating arrangement is good with good practical approach. The front and driver seat is fitted with lots of adjustments, giving the best driving position accordingly.

The wide opening doors with large windows give better access and excellent outer view respectively. The steering-wheel is of good weight and with good control. Overall material used in the new CR-V is impressive and up to the standards of Honda. The infotainment system is handy and simple to operate. There are standard equipments and features available in the SUV such as rear-parking sensor and camera, automatic lights and wipers, cruise control and speed limiter, adaptive stability control system, power windows and mirrors and Bluetooth connectivity. The leather upholstery is good in standard.

Efficient Engine Range Supports This Vehicle with Competency

There is a good range of engines with effective performance under the bonnet of this Honda CR-V. The 1.6litre i-DTEC is of 118bhp and 221lb/ft torque diesel engine.  It is efficient in performance and has a good compatibility with this vehicle. It takes 10.8 seconds to get from 0-62m/h along with 113m/h top speed. The fuel consumption is impressive with 62m/g fuel average and Co2 emissions are 119g/km. It is fitted with six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive system as standard.

The second version in 1.6litre i-DTEC diesel engine is of 157bhp and 258lb/ft torque. It is the most powerful unit in diesel engine lineup. It is good for speed and long drive. It takes 9.3 seconds to reach from0-62m/h with top speed of 125m/h. The fuel average is efficient with 57m/g and Co2 emissions are 129g/km. It is available is six-speed manual gearbox and four-wheel drive system as standard.

The other diesel engine is 2.2-Litre i-DTEC that is capable of 147bhp and 258lb/ft torque. This is a powerful diesel engine with good working capacity. It takes 9.4 seconds to get from 0-62m/h with top speed of 118m/h.  The fuel average is reasonable with 50m/g and Co2 emissions are 144g/km. This version is fitted with two different systems; six-speed manual gearbox and four-wheel drive unit and six-speed automatic transmission with four-wheel drive system.

Petrol Engine Is Less Impressive Than Diesel Engines Range

There is only one petrol engine for the Honda CR-V and that is not an extra ordinary in performance. It is a 2.0-Litre i-VTEC engine with 152bhp and 142lb/ft torque. With less torque force its performance is not brisk and speedy. It takes 9.7 seconds to get form 0-62m/h with top speed of 1118m/h. This petrol version is not as economical in fuel consumption as the diesel engines are. This engine gives 39m/g of fuel average with 168g/km of Co2 emissions. This unit is available with six-speed manual gearbox and four-wheel drive system as standard.

Honda Cr-V Is a Practical SUV With Lots of Space

Honda CR-V is a good practical SUV, offers plenty of useful space. The seating arrangement offers a comfortable sitting experience with relaxed feelings. The new CR-V gives wide interior means lot of space for five occupants. Front seats offer excessive head and knee room and at rear, passengers have more than enough space. The middle sea at rear is more comfortable than any of other rivals. There are lot of holes and bins at front and rear to accommodate useful things, water bottles and coffee mugs. The proven formula of SUV makes this vehicle more practical than ever with square type interior. The boot is also good and handy with practicality. Honda CR-V is a class leading in this sense with good shaped and big boot. Its large and wide opening allows any type of item to come in. The boot space is 589-litres with 1670-litres storage capacity if rear seats drop down. Well shaped wheel arches along with rear seats’ dropping system offer a practical space for easy loading and unloading.

Honda Cr-V Is the Most Reliable Brand, Available In The Market

Honda as a manufacturer gives much importance to the safety features. The new CR-V is also fitted with lot of practical safety features and equipments to maintain its safety standards. Though its interior is not as classy and supreme in feel as we have in its rivals, but in reliability and safety, Honda is far ahead of all.

The reliability of Honda CR-V is exceptional with accurate handling and performance. The five stars rating of Euro NCAP reflects the approach of Honda in this connection. The four-wheel drive system gives perfect road grip. The cruise control with speed limiter along with anti lock automatic braking system is efficient is performance. Lane departure warning system, parking sensors and rear view camera are also available in new CR-V as standard.

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