Why Mazda 6 Won the Best Family Car Award?

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6 Jul 2018
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Families are head over heels in love with this wonderful machine

Mazda Motor Corporation is an automobile manufacturer based in Fuchu, Japan. Famous for its well-reputed trucks and minibuses, Mazda is widely acknowledged all around the world. Mazda produces a range of vehicles of different classes.

According to the record books of 2015, Mazda fashioned 1.5 million vehicles in that particular year only. Thanks to these numbers, Mazda became fifteenth biggest automaker in terms of production globally. Mazda vehicles are not only loved in Japan but are equally famous in Asian and European countries.

The miraculous Mazda 6

Mazda 6 is an average-sized family car that families are crazy for. Its production started in 2002 and it can be divided into three generations on the basis of facelifts and different features. Its popularity can be calculated from the fact that Mazda sold one million units earlier than any of the previous Mazda vehicles. It gives a tough competition to its rivals such as Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat.

Mazda 6 helped to upgrade the company’s image owing to its stylish and feisty design. Mazda introduced the first generation of Mazda 6 in markets for the first time in 2002 and it remained in production till 2008. The second generation Mazda 6 saw its production started in 2007 to replace the first generation and ceased in 2012. The third generation, which started in 2102 underwent major facelifts and is still under production.

The energetic Engines of Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 engines come in a limited range. First one is 2.0-litre SkyActiv-G petrol engine and the other is a 2.2-litre SkyActiv-D diesel engine. The petrol engine is offered in two power variants which includes 143bhp and 162bhp. Similarly, the diesel engine also comes in two variants that are 148bhp or 173bhp. Both engines are exclusively Mazda designed and have not been shared with other manufacturers.

Keeping in view the performance and efficiency, the SkyActiv-D diesel engines easily occupies the top spot. This engine has a remarkably low compression ratio for diesel, which in turns improves the overall efficiency and emissions. The 148bhp power variant can take the car from 0-62mph in just 9.1 seconds generating a top speed of 130mph, whereas the 175bhp variant sprints from 0 to 62mph in only 7.9 seconds while hitting the top speed of 139mph.

On the other hand, the petrol engine has a high compression ratio but its power generation is matchless. Both power variants produce their maximum power at 6,000rpm. The 162bhp version is a smooth and sparkling engine but a bit noisy.

Problems you may face in your Mazda 6

Firstly, Due to sticking valve lash adjusters, a loud ticking noise is heard sometimes, mostly when the engine is cold.

Secondly, the engine becomes overheated due to inconsistent cooling fan operation which arises as a result of a defective cooling fan control unit.

Finally, in some cases, the engine tends to stall while undergoing light acceleration.

Unquestionable Reliability and Safety

Mazda brand enjoys an amazing reputation for reliability and performance. The Mazda 6 is one of the favourite cars of families because it caters to most of their needs and is a safe car.

In the crash test conducted Euro NCAP, Mazda 6 achieved a full five-star score, which shows the concern of company for the safety of passengers and drivers. The safety assist systems installed in the car got an inspiring 81 per cent score.

Another major safety feature is the Smart City Brake Support system. The system was reinforced with pedestrian detection and activation while at higher speeds, in 2016. However, if you want to possess full Safety Package comprised of blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and Rear Smart City Brake Support, then you must go for the Sports Nav version.

Provision of Standard Warranty

Mazda offers a three-year duration or 60,000-miles warranty with Mazda 6. It is also backed with a surface corrosion guarantee that has the same duration. At Mazda authorized workshops, used Mazda 6 Engines for sale are also available with a free standard warranty. Another good thing is that Mazda warranties are completely transferrable with the coverage of anti-perforation rust protection.

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