Mercedes C200 Nice Compact Executive Car

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16 Nov 2018
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But with many upgrades, the new model so far meets the expectations

Among the expensive cars, Mercedes C200 is an outstanding option due to the new finely tuned diesel engine and lavish interior. Infotainment technology has also improved in the new model so nothing big is missing. Mercedes C200 engines have grown in numbers with the addition of a new diesel motor. The vehicle has been in the market for several years so Reconditioned Mercedes C200 Engines are also available for the budget buyers. Driving is crispier but the competitive market has even more enjoyable and practical options. That is why further improvements are necessary for the coming models of the car to maintain the status in the segment. But with many upgrades, the new model so far meets the expectations though not fully. If you start from the appearance it is attractive and can easily be placed among appealing compact cars of the year. Without any striking apparent change to the exterior, it has managed good scores by the experts for the exterior. The bulk of alterations is made under the skin and for these one needs to have a ride or driving chance. Extremely comfortable seats and overall aura the settings create are of a lavish car as it has the latest tech features and ultra-comfort cabin.

Among the trim packages and models, C 220D SE is striking

The previous 2.1-litre diesel engine was less refined and lethargic so the car maker has taken a big step forward as far as diesel engines are concerned. At the same time, the running cost is also very affordable and fuel average has improved without making a compromise on the performance of the engines. A nice enviable balance of power, efficiency and comfort have successfully been created by the car maker. Among the trim packages and models Mercedes C 220 D SE is striking due to its ability to meet the challenges which the rivals pose in this class. The compact executive car segment is not only over saturated but tough to compete as well. You will find an array of big names throwing great models in the market. But this intensity of competition guides to innovation and inclusion of the facilities for the riders and driver. The car is in its fourth generation and was first introduced as Mercedes Junior but with the advent of ‘A’ class, it became purely premium class vehicle.

This would also help you to navigate

The C class variants are many and one of them is just as fast as a supercar of your imagination. Other than SE trim there is AMG and Sports line that is definitely with peculiar features. Exterior only gets new headlights and tweaks on bumpers but under the skin, you get new engines, gearboxes and improved technology. So it focuses more on the performance than the appearance and it is the case with most of the German car makers. The new 10.25 inches Infotainment System is right in the middle of the dashboard and also catches your eyes as you get settled on one of the seats. This would also help you to navigate and select one of the different driving modes. So things are made further easier for the driver or you can say just one or few touches away.

The higher trim levels

With cruise control and parking assistance, the essential driver’s aid package is almost complete so with all these SE trim is the recommended package. The higher trim levels do not only make it further expensive but also do not offer much but cosmetic tweaks. Bigger alloy wheels lowered suspension and LED headlights are some of the upgrades you would get. In the same way the AMG package you get Sports seats and enhanced sporty looks for the interior of the car. If a pragmatic approach is applied then the basic facilities or features remain similar in all three packages. This is why the choice of least expensive one is quite practical. In engine range, you get three diesel and the same number of petrol engines so fairly wide choice.

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