Mercedes E220 Superb Luxury Saloon

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28 Feb 2019
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It is a rear wheel drive configured a car and reaches to 62m/h speed in just above seven seconds

Mercedes E series offers splendid saloons and matches the 5 series of BMW in all aspects. Mercedes E220 is powered by the latest of the company engine of 2.0 Litre. The turbo unit is capable of 192bhp with 40Nm torque and these stats surely indicate the power you would enjoy while holding the wheel in hands. Mercedes E220 engines are to compliment the saloon with their refined functioning and acceleration capability. The used units are good to have in the cars because of their performance which does not let you down. Mercedes E220 engine supply and fit facility is to make the procedure of replacing the unit easy and simple which is appreciated by the buyers. Their low fuel usage and refined character make them more appealing. It is a rear wheel drive configured the car and reaches to 100kmh speed in just above seven seconds. Boot space is also good which is 540 Litres and can hold heavy luggage of the passengers. The length of the vehicle allows the occupants of the two rows of seats to avoid jet-lag when travelling for long hours. Addition in the length of the wheelbase has made it more relaxing for the second-row passengers.

It is a balanced combination of speed and luxury

It covers well over ten kilometres with one Litre fuel and with nine automatic speed transmissions it is easy to find the right gear for the speed. The climate control feature is to please the cabin occupants during a comfortable ride. It is a balanced combination of speed and luxury so one the best saloons you could have with a brand name you can trust is E220. The active safety features of the car are also a positive addition and paying handsome amount would not really cost you. Mercedes Reconditioned Engines are also available for Mercedes E220.

The car has an anti-locking braking system, seven airbags which come into play in case of an accident and all power windows. Leather upholstery for the seats is surely to make it lavish.

The car interior has been designed to keep the riders refresh

The body design is elegant which gives the refined touch to an appearance with athletic style. This combination gives it an admiration. The Aerodynamic Creases are unusual but make the vehicle to stand out. The car interior has been designed to keep the riders refresh when they alight after the long or busy drive. They also have reason to enjoy their ride as the options of infotainment are of cutting edge technology. The sound system is to raise the volume as much as you like and with connectivity possibilities the options become multiple. The person on driving seat also does not feel the fatigue as one does not have to engage in gear shifting and precisely weighted wheel in hands is responsive. Visibility from the driver seat is perfect and the assistance features are to make things even easier.

The tech features are dispersed with style

The cabin is good for five people but four people can travel in style. The tech features are dispersed with style on the dashboard and the centre console is attached with the dashboard in a very elegant manner. So the cockpit like aura is created and all controls are well in reach from the driver seat. To give the well-being feeling inside the cabin the indirect lighting is really helpful. A wide variety of lighting moods are available to you and you can select one to make the interior soothing. The LED technology is used to create this lighting effect. You either can switch among the options or simply can turn off the effects. Touch-pad is placed in a way to let you control the multimedia system with greater ease.

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