Mitsubishi L200 is Practical and Economical

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10 Jun 2019
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You also get an SUV like cabin and utility in the double cab form

Mitsubishi has done a really good job for L200 with everybody style doing what it is supposed to do. But one thing that is common in all is the load carrying capacity which is great. This vehicle can carry more than one tonne of weight and for the towing capacity, the figure is 3500 kg.

You can get it in three body styles and five trims. Single cab, Club cab and double cab are there to choose as body styles. For the trims, there is 4Life, Titan, Warrior, Barbarian and Barbarian SVP offered. All these are Double cab trims except the 4Life. This is a strictly utilitarian trim that is why it comes as Single cab and Club cab forms.

The exterior has style and there is a class in the way it appears. The space in the Double cab cabin for personal use other than a business makes it close to an SUV in this respect. With the load carrying your pocket remains happy due to the fuel economy associated with the Mitsubishi L200 engines.

Engines make the work even better with their power output and efficiency. But reconditioned Mitsubishi L200 engines are not less in any regard if you are going to buy it from the right place. The thing is that Mitsubishi L200 supply and fit service should come from the right hands.

A single but capable engine

For a pick-up like L200, there has to be a powerful engine to carry such heavy loads. The engine fitted in this one is a 2.5-litre Mitsubishi L200 diesel engine with 178 bhp output. The timing associated with it for 0-62 mph is 10.4 seconds. These figures are better than most of the contenders and the engine never feel less while carrying or towing loads.

Another speciality is that no matter how much work has to be done fuel economy is a factor which always remains in control. The 4Life trim is slower than the rest but when there are goods at back this will be hardly felt. The engine life is well suppressed, especially in the Double Cab form.

While struggling to get more speed there will be a noise though. There is a six-speed manual gearbox paired with this engine as standard while a five-speed automatic transmission is also there.

The manual gearbox may become a little delayed at times but the automatic transmission suits the relaxed ride side a lot. In the automatic form, the mpg return also gets better and further economy can be extracted from the engine.

Standard kit is impressive in all trims

Pickups these days are not boring anymore and especially when it comes to Mitsubishi allot of it is present. 4Life is solely for utility purpose so there is simple cabin over there. You can get many goodies in the Double cab versions.

Titan and above versions get seven airbags, traction control and Trailer Stability Assist, air conditioning, privacy glass, lane departure warning and the Mitsubishi’s Super Select 4WD system.

Then the Barbarian or Warrior trims have a further increased line up. Keyless entry, front seat heaters, leather seats, auto lights and wipers, rear camera and dual-zone climate control is present. Feels like a car right?

Then the SVP which is at the top and a special edition get to have many things which contribute to a fashionable interior. Along with other things this one aspect is special.

With other cabin qualities, there is reliability and safety

This category vehicle has to be tough to do the work assigned to them. This is not a car to be equal in terms of comfort and driving fun to an SUV but it certainly gives many other things necessary for load carrying purpose.

There is enough kit present to make the passengers and the driver safe from outside dangers while accidents. The safety kit is as a car should have. The build is reliable also giving a good life year and not making any problems while owning it for long.

There is an advanced active safety kit present in it. Stability and traction control is there to control understeer and oversteer. Hill start assist and hazard lights are there and adjustable speed limiter is also present.

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