New i-DTEC Diesel Engine Makes Honda HR-V a Joy Machine

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10 Aug 2015
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Honda HR-V is back with all its chunkier elements, a bunch of new engines and SUV style, all make it a real time joy machine

The new Honda HR-V has been again introduced in the same segment of the auto market where the previous generations were struggling. The new model has arrived with a different plan of action to capture its place back. The crossover has very chunkier SUV like styling, new refined i-DTEC diesel engines and a roof line which is very similar to a coupe, an interior like an MPV. All these allegories are added to make its UK customers happy.

Honda diesel engine is not something that will break your trust very easily as Honda engines have lowest ever complaints filed compared to any automaker in the world, even the Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have more complaints. Honda engines are agile, reliable, economical, fuel efficient and lighter.

When it comes to bigger cars, it is still very dubious that crossovers are giving some extra business to the car manufacturers, majority of them fighting for the attention by introducing classy styling and distinctive interiors with some advanced gadgets. But it’s all just a trick, no one focuses on the engines like Honda does. The new HR-V pulls of well, managing to look fresh and different without leaving any clue for the drivers of being under or over powered than its competitors.

Mechanically, the HR-V is not restricted to the only one engine like others, it offers a choice of both diesel and petrol engines to make the ride more Joyful with a great combination of transmissions.

It is very obvious that customers from the UK will ask for Honda’s well admired 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel engine. It is available with six-speed manual gearbox option. Though it is a least powerful option of two available diesel engines, but it generates 118bhp with a hefty torque of 300Nm that ensures the performance of the new HR-V. It also performs better than the petrol alternatives.

Its interior offers flexibility like an MPV. On the subject of competitors, it has some trickier options to apply, such as, exterior dimensions which are putting the HR-V clearly between the polarizing Nissan Juke and its elder sibling Nissan Qashqai.

Despite the dimensions, Honda HR-V offers some extra legroom and passenger luggage space than of its both competitors.  It even offers larger and wider space than of the C4 Cactus from Citroen. This is not the end of story here because another competitor Renault Kadjar is still out there. New Honda HR-V is surprisingly close to matching the physically bigger Kadjar.

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