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2 Feb 2021
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Used Mini First engines

Mini was introduced to offer the most affordable car for buyers but in the modern world it is a car for those who have deeper pockets for small cars

Brilliance of Mini now has a new entry level model Mini First and it is also as good as you could expect from this series. The retro model has not only borrowed popular body design but also the typical powerful character. Concept of packing strong performance in a small car is very much felt in this model as well.

Build quality and pricier appeal are also the same so you get new Mini which gives you a similar kind of performance. Excellent handling, sharp control and perfectly weighted steering make it fun to drive a car. Used Mini First engines can be installed in small cars for nice drive experience.

We all know it is not a car for everyone as the price of Mini series cars are higher than similar subcompact vehicles. When you first look at this new addition to Mini family your only concern remains whether this car with an identical look can also do the same when put in motion. Mini One is now second last from the bottom and the series starts from Mini First.

To keep this base model affordable, a list of optional features is kept limited and you cannot add all available features for other Minis to this car. With steel wheels, the car exactly belongs to a distinctive and cool car family. Personalize the look of Mini First is not possible so you have to carry the standard look. When you get inside the cabin is of same BMW standards so you will definitely like to travel in this cabin.

With this kind of engine muscle, sharp handling is

Steering is the only sub-standard part you will notice. The two spoke wheel in hands feels of low quality. Thinner steering is not good from a grip point of view and when it is not made of good plastic then things get worse. The design package is must avoid this. It comes with three-spoke steering wrapped in leather.

Another enhancement is touches of chrome so Design Package makes you feel better. Under the hood, you get a 1.4-litre petrol engine but it has been tuned to produce the only 75 bhp. Cut of 20bhp is serious so you do not find it quick particularly on highways and motorways.

Pressing speed pedal makes it much vocal and overtaking is not possible. With this kind of engine muscle, sharp handling is of no real use. It takes 13 seconds to reach 62 mph speed mark and top speed is 109 mph while fuel average is above 53 mpg and carbon emission is 128 g/km so nothing extra ordinary on these fronts. Buying second Hand Mini First engines is suitable for daily commuting vehicles.

The price difference between Mini One and Mini First is not great and when air condition is added to the cabin than this price gap shrinks further. Most buyers think air conditioner is must for all cars so finding this Mini without one, could disappoint them.

Nice build quality and service on the same price are attractive and low price surely a big advantage. The original Mini was introduced to offer the most affordable car for buyers but in the modern world, it is a car for those, who have deeper pockets for small cars.

You have to make it work harder

Mini First is available in hatch body design. Stop-start technology is fitted and the detuned engine has got six speed manual transmissions for an engaging drive. With less power higher fuel average is expected but the economy and carbon emission remain equal to Mini One.

You have to make it work harder often due to decreased power. Mini engines for sale are available at cheap rates. The paired manual gearbox is sleek so you do not find it lagging when Mini First is engaged in a higher gear to accelerate. Steering reach and rake adjustment flexibility has been made possible so you will get to a right driving position.

Rear row seats can be folded which is again practical approach by the designer. Child seat mounting, curtain airbags, tyre pressure warning system and stability control are standard for this entry level Mini.

Some low-cost rivals offer air condition as standard so First with optional air conditioner is annoying. The superiority of drive dynamics could compensate these shortcomings so Mini lovers may not be dismayed.

Sporty Mini variants offer well

Precise steering, commendable body control, nice handling and small size let you drive greater ease on bustling roads. Sporty Mini variants offer a good amount of road grip which for Mini First has been marginalized with small wheels and skinny tyres. Brakes do well when applied so you can rely on them while driving it to its speed limit.

Wind noise is suppressed well so while cruising on the highway you do not get disturbed due to air passing by. Chassis is same so ride quality does not suffer. The suspension does well on bumps though ride remains on the firmer side.

Black plastic is used in abundance for the interior. Plastic wheel cups and door mirrors are also fixed in a plastic frame. Apart from earlier mentioned Design Pack you can get two other, Tech Pack and Salt Pack. These two include different features to improve your drive and ride experience.

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