Vauxhal Vivaro, A Popular Panel Van

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25 Sep 2018
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Another Platform Cab is also present as an option with specialist specifications

After the first generation of Vivaro, the second was also made in the UK and serves the demands of the domestic operators. Vauxhall Vivaro engines are not as powerful as rivals do offer but they are quite efficient to pull this loaded panel van. The motors with enhanced refinement also an advantage over the competitors so just power is not the only thing people need. There is no confusion about the dimensions of the vehicle among the people who are familiar with it. Two different lengths, two height variations and three body styles are making the whole range very much a comprehensive medium sized van range.

You can have Vivaro in Panel van, Double Cab and Combi bus style. Another Platform Cab is also present as an option with specialist specifications so it is not short of variety in body design. In the last year of the first generation, it has introduced new 1.6 CDTi motors that replaced the old 2.0 litre engines. Those new engines were great in the sense they emit lesser carbon and have more power and torque.

It has auto headlights and windscreen wipers

The new changes in 2014 van were good for drivers and fleet operators alike. The top model of the present range is available only in two body styles, Panel and Double Cab. It has auto headlights and windscreen wipers. The infotainment system has an inter-Link system and smartphone docking point. Price of the van is reasonable and it is also among the reasons for its popularity. The present motor under the bonnets of the whole range is 1.6 litre either with one or two turbochargers. The very impressive economy figure is achieved with them so you have another reason to own it.

The driving experience has improved

It has improved in all features but the price stays affordable for many. Technology inclusion has made it very facilitating as you have electric windows and side mirrors. You also get hill start assistance and stability control so all the important gadgets are there to drive a loaded van of this size with greater ease. The driving experience has improved either laden or just carrying two on the front seats. Sliding doors are helpful to put cargo in and take the same out of it. Finishing has improved so appearance has become appealing. Interior is not only comfortable but also practical that is why from exterior to every inch of the interior the vehicle is to provide you with an altogether superb feel either you just look at it or have the pleasure to drive it.

The first generation Vauxhall reconditioned engines are serving many with their exquisite performance abilities. It is a medium sized van and this segment is quite crowded hence the competition is tougher than normal vehicles face in their class. As the van has been built in Luton, so many drivers prefer it over the rest.

Eco Mode button is also present on the dashboard

Many tech features are contributing to keeping fuel average enviable for many rivals. The entry level with an output of 189bhp claims 43.5mpg and 170gm/km CO2 and when the optional start-stop system and regenerative brakes this figure improves further to 46.3mpg and decrease in carbon emission too. Eco Mode button is also present on the dashboard to gain surprising fuel economy. This mode also provides information to the driver about how economical is the driving style is. The new model has increased durability and with the solid finish by the vehicle producer.

The appearance of the van may not suggest the same but it has gained on every front. It has a tablet and phone cradles to hold them securely. DAB radio is standard but a stereo system with small buttons makes controls fussy at times.


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