Volkswagen Passat 8thgeneration with new engine

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8 Dec 2017
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Premium luxury of cabin is the highlight of this family car

Volkswagen Passat has been one of those cars that evolved over the years and finally became marvelous due to premium luxury and array of equipment. Total weight of the car has decreased and more space in the cabin has not increased length of the car. Engines are new and for United Kingdom market only diesel engines except one hybrid model of the car. Driving experience would be great as the company is excellent at keeping everything inline brakes, clutch, throttle and steering.

Precision of driving achieved through ease of handling it. The previous model suspension was firm but the new model ensures comfort well. Overall refinement is good though there is noise of tires that could be bothering.

The 2.0-litre diesel engine with 150bhp power is a good choice but rivals are more refined. Interior of the car is the most attractive part and you will confirm this claim on entering the cabin.

Plenty of space and great comfort for riders

Plenty of room is waiting for you in the cabin and seats of both rows are comfortable and supportive to avoid any kind of fatigue for longer periods. The position for driving is also perfect as the person occupying that seat can easily reach to the controls and they are easy to bring in use.

Material to build every single part of the cabin is of high quality so a feel of care is evident from every touch. Driver assistance equippments are standard and worth noticing is traffic jam assist system that includes braking, accelerating and steer in congested traffic.

Superb economy of diesel engines

Big cabin and superb economy are enough to make it a right choice among big family cars. Price of the car is not more than other in the class but interior quality is surely of upscale cars and most of these features has been included in the new model.

Low carbon emission of diesel engines is also pushing company buyers to think of it. The usual family car feel is missing because it is more than other vehicles are offering to the buyers. Element of thrill is not there so it can be called as a safe option than the rest.

 It was launched 50 years ago

Almost fifty years ago it became part of Volkswagen Passat family. With passage of time it has made its own way to leave the past behind and now reckoned as a car with lavish interior. It is fun to drive just like new Golf as it turns smoothly on bends and placement in corners is easy.

The engines are agile that allow you to push the pedal for immediate response. With better body control the seat occupants are less disturbed while moving on sharp bends. On motorway you would feel the real class of the car. Different trim packages are full of features that you want to enjoy while driving.

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