Volkswagen Passat an Impressive Saloon

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9 Mar 2017
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Space is there for a preferred family car and reasonably priced

While selecting a vehicle for your garage the obvious standards must include reasonably powered engine with good fuel average, cozy interior having basic features and finally the appearance must be classy.

Furthermore it is an affordable saloon of German company that enjoys repute of no compromise on quality. Space inside the cabin is abundant and it is commonly observed in American cars so you would have the best qualities of world renowned manufacturers of automobiles in one saloon.

The new model has got forward collision warning system and to reinstate it there are emergency brakes which are standard on all available trims. Remote start technology is offered for SE buyers to make an upscale impression.

Overview of the vehicle

It is a midsize vehicle that falls in category of saloon that is peculiar for small family needs. It somewhat matches the size of lavish vehicles but has been designed expertly to offer more usability than rivals.

There are two engines that buyers can select from the first one is 1.8 litre turbo four cylinder engine capable of 170hp and six automatic speed transmissions.

The second option is 3.6 litre producing 280 hp and six speed dual clutch gearbox. Both are fueled by gasoline and function up to the mark. The space for rear seats is generous and they also get air vent separately.

There is a USB slot to make your entertainment complete and option of your choice has not been curtailed by any means. Touch screen with attractive graphics and easy to use menu is rightly placed in middle of dashboard.

 Good Engine Performance

Diesel engine is missing in this year’s lineup as carbon emission issue has been haunting the company so buyers would not have power of those engines. The entry level engine is efficient to satisfy driver’s thirst of power and smooth gearbox makes the experience further plausible.

Petrol engine with more power is the best for those who believe in performance as it reaches to sixty miles per hour speed from zero in just 5.7 seconds. Comfort any terrain would not leave the riders as they continue their journey without feeling bumps or depressions on the road. .

Cabin does not allow noise of engine functioning and movement of tires on tracks to get in so when it combines with quality suspension comfort becomes perfect.

Timeless Exterior of Passat

Styling and exterior of this Volkswagen Passat  is timeless so even after upgrades by the rivals this car keep carrying required pull for the people thinking of a mid size family vehicle. For a long highway drive it is an enviable choice for offering good legroom to riders of the rows particularly to the passengers on front seats and also due to no need to stop for refueling as mileage is excellent.

When you look at possible trims you get auto folded side mirrors and eight way adjustment of passengers’ seats in special addition technology package. Fog lights and LED headlights as well as taillights are also present as an option for better driving experience.

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