Volkswagen Tiguan 2017

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2 Mar 2017
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Volkswagen Tiguan: New addition to the family!

New Volkswagen SUV is to be launched in the market in April this year as promised and we are very excited about it. The German car maker has shown keen interest and is strongly aiming to expand its luxury car line-up. The car was first unveiled in the Auto Expo last year where it made a jaw-dropping entry and left everyone in awe. New Volkswagen Tiguan has the credit of being the first SUV from VW that is based on MQB (modular transverse matrix) platform. The car is extremely competent in terms of performance and agility the first test drivers claim. Let us have a look at brief details of this upcoming model.

Engine and transmission specs

The car is fast like swift of wind owing to its incredibly charged engine. Under the bonnet is a 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine that boasts a 177 brake horsepower and a torque of 350 Nm. The initially released model has a diesel engine along with a smooth shifting, seven speed DSG gearbox for the all-wheel drive. However, a front-wheel variant will also be introduced in the market as an option following the all-wheel model.

Interior and exterior design

New VW Tiguan is beautified by intricate details in its new exterior design giving it a grand sporty look. LED headlights and taillights add spark to the already stunning appearance. The new Tiguan is comparatively longer than the version it has replaced. Tiguan gives you a pretty smooth drive even on bumpy roads making it perfect for drive on all terrains. The 20-inch large alloy wheels enhance the features of this masterpiece and contribute in its sporty looks.

The car makes use of MQB platform technology that makes it lighter than its previous version. The new Tiguan is said to have shed its weight by 50kg. The vehicle is also more compact on the inner side. Every detail seems on point, just as we could imagine it to be. The interior is equally appealing with a spacious cabin and great feel. The dashboard gets all your attention at once with the LCD mounted on it. A touch screen for the infotainment system looks absolutely dashing. VW has always strived to keep the cars more accommodating. Tiguan is close to technology and meets all the modern day needs efficiently. There is a three-zone climate control system that helps create a comfortable environment inside the car no matter what the weather is outside. The seats are so comfortable that they don’t give a hint of tiredness even on long distance journeys. We found a 360-degree parking camera too present there to facilitate the driver.

VW’s safe ride

VW has always worked on ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. So is the case with this model. The car is readily equipped to deal with all sorts of emergency situations. There are built in airbags that promptly come into play by sensing any uncertain situation to minimize the chances of severe injuries.

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