What’s new in the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback?

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10 Nov 2016
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The 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback is on its way

Taking the Fight to VW

Honda is preparing an all-new form of its Civic hatchback to go up against the Vauxhall Astra and VW Golf – and it will be launched in spring 2017. The Japanese producer has given the tenth era Civic an all-new stage and turbocharged VTEC motors in an offer to recover what it calls the Civic’s “particular energetic driving character”.

However, the new-generation structure is 16kg lighter – a deed that should enhance both execution and fuel effectiveness.

New Suspension Setup

Maybe the greatest indication of Honda’s wearing expectation with the new Civic is the suspension set-up. The old auto managed with a moderately basic and modest to-make torsion pillar at its backside, however the new model blends MacPherson struts at the front with another multi-connect set-up at the back.  Honda says it will likewise offer versatile dampers on top of the line Civics – a tech highlight that is a first for the model, and still a relative irregularity in the class.

Honda Civic Engines

At the heart of the new Civic are Honda’s first standard turbocharged VTEC motors. There’s Honda’s 1.0-litre three-cylinder unit that produces 127bhp at 5,500rpm and, curiously for a VTEC, its greatest torque of 200Nm at an unassuming 2,250rpm. Honda has yet to settle efficiency, yet it’s foreseeing figures of around 60mpg and CO2 outflows as low as 104g/km.

There’s additionally a stronger Civics’ 1.5-litre four-cylinder unit that delivers a weighty 180bhp at 5,500rpm and 240Nm of torque somewhere around 1,900rpm and 5,000rpm. It’s a reasonable piece heavier on fuel utilization and outflows, however, guaranteeing 47.1mpg and 137g/km.

The standard gearbox over both motors is a six-speed manual, in spite of the fact that Honda says it will likewise offer a re-designed CVT transmission to give the Civic a two-pedal choice.

In pre-winter 2017, an 118bhp 1.6-litre diesel will join the range. It’ll likewise get the six-speed manual as standard, yet its programmed alternative will be an ordinary nine-speed torque converter.

Longer Vehicle

The new car’s stage is longer and more extensive than the case of the current Civic, and the wheelbase develops by 30mm – a move that is intended to enhance space for travelers, especially those in the back seats. The new auto is 4,497mm long and 1,800mm wide, so around 12 centimeters longer than a Vauxhall Astra, however somewhat smaller.

Plenty of boot space

The Civic’s boot capacity stays noteworthy, at 478 litres; that is more than 100 litres more than you’ll get in an Astra. Furthermore, on most forms of the Civic, there’s further stockpiling underneath the boot floor. Just the Sport version manages without it, since they get a central exhaust system rather than an outline that keeps running down the side of the Honda.

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