10 Things You will Not Find in the Driverless Era of Mobility

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27 Jan 2016
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Driverless cars will eliminate many things out of a driver’s life and these ten will be the most missed

The Google driverless car is going to become a reality on our roads soon as it has dominated many areas like serving the Heathrow Airport in London. As we envisage the driverless future of mobility, and think of the driverless cars that how they will change our lives and the things from driving skills schools to insurance companies and law enforcement agencies, the replacement engines business and garages. These vehicles will definitely change the end user behaviours as well. We have selected 10 out those hundreds of things that are going to lost in the dust of time.

If you think electric cars are not fast, here is a list of the fastest electric cars.

1. Parallel Parking passion

Passengers in the driverless era will simply step out of the car at their desired terminus and let the vehicle find a parking spot. Definitely miss the parallel parking mania

2. Getting lost in the junctions

in-dash GPS navigation systems will control the directions related information, we, however, already left the paper maps and rely on tom-tom like devices but in the driverless era of mobility the cars will take over entire route-planning duties and will make the getting lost on the roads cold memories.

3. Drivers Education Classes

Driverless driving will kill the training classes for drivers and the Department of Motor Vehicles as well maybe. And you also do not need to worry about your bad pictures on the driving licences because there will be no driving licence.

4. No more Speeding Tickets

A self-driving car will not be provoked into surpassing the posted speed limit because its passenger is running late, feeling excited for speeding etc.

5. Driver Prejudgment

In the autonomous future, every car will be driven precisely the similar method, so ageist, and bigot, prejudiced and local driver preconceptions will come to an end for sure.

6. Fender Benders

Driverless cars will enjoy not only an eerie alertness of their surrounds, they will sustain endless communication with other cars, letting them to evade possibly deceitful circumstances before they occur.

7. Happy Bambi on the road

Autonomous vehicles will not only determine whole eco-friendly attentiveness, they will take superhuman reflexes, which may keep Bambi safe on the road from becoming a speed knock.

8. Car Theft to an end

Car theft business will definitely go to an end because an autonomous car will function through a fingerprint reader, or a retinal scan. There may be a voice-matching software or synthetic telepathy. And endless situational responsiveness may let the car to just start up and drive away before a crook has a gamble to perform his job.

9. No more Road Frenzy

Driverless cars will be inexpert of dogging, brake-checking or blocking off other driverless cars; they will drive at constant speed and there will be no more road anger at all.

10. No Fast And Furious, Good bye Mr Stig!

What respectable is ability of performing behind the wheel when there’s no wheel? Ha-ha, and what amusing is a lap time on the track when every car returns the exact same lap time? Also vanished in the history: trucker songs, road races, Fast & Furious sequels and yes! There will be no more Stig presenting top gear.

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