Aggressive Looks and Impressive Performance, Audi TT is Giving Tough Time to its Rivals

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23 Dec 2019
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Replacement Audi TT engines

The most expensive of Audi TT range is obviously above the entry-level sport model so you get impressive technology

The specification of Audi TT is much sportier than ever before. In appearance, it looks sharper so you expect thrilling to drive and interior quality does not let you think of it as a sports coupe; but a comfortable lavish car.

Audi TT is an expensive upgrade and Audi shines through features of this upgrade. Audi TT engines are available with manual as well as auto speed transmissions and in choice of front-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive configurations.

The most expensive TT range is obviously above the entry-level sport model so you get impressive technology with this version of the car. Additionally, you get a bigger alloy wheel, all-weather LED headlights and inside you will have all the same features of Audi TT line.

A DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and virtual cockpit of Audi are standard throughout this line. Leather-covered seats and air-conditioning are also standard in this car.

List of optional features is long as always but every addition costs you so beware of the fact that an already expensive choice will cost you even more. To be realistic you do not need to be spendthrift as the interior is one of the best in business.

These upgrades are only possible with petrol engines

The price of the petrol engine model is a little less than the diesel engine TT car. Replacement Audi TT engines is also available and at a reasonable price so you are at liberty to get them installed at the time of need.

Both have same 2.0-litre engines fitted with manual gearboxes. By paying extra you get dual-clutch S-Tronic auto speed transmissions and the best of the range all-wheel-drive model cost you even more so the best of the range is quite expensive.

These upgrades are only possible with petrol engines as diesel engine model comes only with front-wheel drive configuration and manual gearbox. One thing is sure for all these versions and it is a fast and thrilling driving experience. In Front-wheel drive models there is an electronic differential to enhance the performance of the car while cornering.

A new model of TT is superior

One of the competitors of Audi, Mercedes S class do not even consider anyway nearer to the exquisite feel of this car. To evade such an expensive car is only possible if you get Audi engines for sale and install one of them in your car.

It is rather an easy alternate and used Audi TT cars could be another way but not as cheap as the earlier one. The new model of TT is superior to Mercedes S class models so worth buying after spending a huge amount.

The dashboard has been made simpler and you do not have a centre screen and buttons to remain confused about their usage. In fact, you get 12.3 inches virtual cockpit in place of conventional dials so smarter and more user-friendly tech features are waiting for you in this new model.

You have the liberty to customize the screen according to needs and desire. Audi MMI interface allows you to control Satellite navigation, sound, phone and display of speed. With these changes, you get more control over features.

Quality is great and you have the feel of fine leather and soft plastic so matching this quality is not easy with advanced technology features.

Drive select options are also standard in all models of the range

With four-wheel-drive models, you get more road grip and afford a more thrilling drive while having fun. In tricky conditions, it is felt in real-time. Chassis is lighter in weight and steering is great to let you drive this Sport coupe in style.

With bigger alloy wheel ride becomes firmer and more road noise sneaks into the cabin so you have to bear these while focusing on drive dynamics of the car. Drive select options are also standard in all models of the range so you easily choose the drive mode according to your mood.

The shift from one mode to another also changes throttle response and you feel the change of weight of steering too. Superb interior and ability to offer thrilling drive the car justifies its price for most buyers. With plenty of speed, the car returns a good average of 65mpg and costs you little on emission.

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