Audi TT S Line a True Depiction of Technology Made Easy

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22 Jul 2019
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The Audi TT S Line engine provides swift responses still keeping the car in control

One thing which will strike the onlooker about Audi is different exterior design. Every time without seeing the company logo you cannot guess that it is an Audi. Audi TT S Line is a car not only pleasing to your driving senses only; the eyes also get a treat.

Audi TT came to Europe in 1998 and with it, several updates followed. Audi TT S Line is a two-door model with a bold a sharp exterior. It changes the way this one looks like. The interior is simple yet striking having a clean dashboard and neatly stitched seats.

It is good for the front passengers as at the back there will be problem fitting in. the boost space is however good. Audi TT S Line engines are the ones which make the driver and the car remain in control. It is a fast car but with this, it stresses driving sensibly.

So if someone comments that it has a lesser fun factor than the rivals; it is okay. You can have Audi TT replacement engines in the market and there are reliable dealers. Audi engines for sale perform well so there is no need to make the troubling one struggle hard to give you the actual performance it once had.

Engine figures

The engine which powers up Audi TTS is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine which is by the way same for the range. But for this trim, it produces 306 bhp with a torque of 280 lb-ft. It starts to show as early as 1900 rpm and reaches its peak at 5300 rpm.

With such a figure the car dashes from 0-62 mph in just 4.6 seconds. You are going to enjoy it if the figures claimed become reality on the road. There is a dual-clutch automatic transmission with seven-speed changes which makes your life with TTS simpler.

There is no manual transmission added as options. This is a four-wheel-drive vehicle meaning it will give more support to the tires to maintain a strong grip no matter in what weather conditions it is driving. The most important and pleasing factor is that no matter what speed you are in or how much the car is travelling there will be no extra fuel consumed.

The fuel economy remains as it is not creating a fuss. The engine is not furious instead it keeps things in control; which is good for you and others on road. With such speed and quick acceleration, things must calm down at reaching a certain level.

How it handles

Handling an Audi TTS is not a problem at all. The grip itself makes things easier for the driver as placing the car in fast speed at an accurate position is easier this way. Also moving on a curved road becomes playful when you know your car is not going to fool you with body roll and not so cooperative steering.

Talking about steering it is electrically assisted with magnetically controlled dampers. The automatic transmission does not delay any action and changes gear level swiftly without making the driver aware of the action being held. Driving experience rises with a pair of capable brakes making no mistake when needed in an emergency.

In slower speeds, the car behaves well but the driving modes do not change much for the suspension which remains stiff all the time. But the point to consider before passing judgment is that it is a sports car not meant for the families so lavishness concerning comfort is a hard thing to achieve is hard.

Interior and technology simplicity

That’s right; things are kept simple and useful in this Audi so no complication can divert the driver’s attention while driving. The seats are among the finest when it comes to its covers and grip. There is huge legroom in the front but almost nothing in the back.

The boot space is also kept huge and when the rear seats get folded there is more provided. There is multi-functional steering with a 12.3-inch screen behind it working as infotainment as well as a digital display for speed and other car info. Which gives the driver liberty for easy access to technology installed.

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