Ken Block Shows Dubai How it is Done

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2 Mar 2016
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Gymkhana 8 Explodes In Dubai

Ken Block, who has acquired the ‘driving god’ status after launching his Gymkhana stunt videos which show him in all-wheel-drive rally-spec car performing stunts for the camera.

The famous rally driver has taken everything to the next level this time, as he films in Dubai. The video features Ken Block in an all-new Ford Fiesta ST RX43 rallycross car doing some amazing stunts in Dubai.

The four-wheel drive, RX43 turbo charged has 650bhp accompanied with the usual stripped out, steroidal innards of a hardcore rally car, the RX43 also comes with special reflective livery.

The bodywork illuminates when the light hits it and changes colour depending on the angle you view it from, revealing a ragged stars and stripes finish. Inside, Block has fitted a gold handle to the sequential gearshift.

Video of the Week

The latest installment takes Block’s gymkhana series to a new level, as he throws his rally-bred Fiesta around an apparently deserted Dubai. On the way, he takes in all the scenery, beginning in the desert and touring landmarks like the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Islands and the Atlantis Hotel.

So without further ado, sit back, strap yourself in to watch Ken Block’s Gymkhana Eight. You make sure to wait until after the credits.

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