Mercedes Benz E Class is an outstanding item in saloon category

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5 Dec 2017
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Luxury, comfort and performance, all in one

Mercedes Benz E-Class is an exceptional item in luxury saloons

In big luxury saloon class, Mercedes Benz E-Class is an icon with its strong qualities, dashing and impressive look and outstanding performance. It is a class apart. It offers luxury, comfort and exceptional control on the wheel while cruising. It is an executive saloon with royalty in it. It is excellent in designing.

Extreme luxurious and comfortable, fully packed with exceptional features with HI-Tech quality and standard. It is a very costly to buy and to live with Mercedes Benz E-Class due to its price and fuel consumption. Some rivals offer same features and qualities with affordable budget but this tag is expensive one.

In its rivalry there are Jaguar XF saloon, BMW 5 series and BMW 7 series saloons and Audi A6 saloon with Lexus GS saloon. These vehicles are also note worthy in the presence of this luxury brand.

Mercedes Benz E-Class is packed with outstanding features and equipment

Mercedes is not bound for introduction. Products of this house are exclusive in each dimension. Luxury, comfort and style, they have each and every thing in them. Mercedes Benz E-Class saloon is one of the ideal saloons for Royals. It is fully packed and outstanding features and equipment.

There are anti lock braking system with auto adjust EBD system to assist its braking system, different types of alarms and warning alerts, alloy wheels, dual zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, stability control, traction control, heated and cooled seats with heated mirrors, electric mirrors and windows, engine start and stop switch, CD player, DVD player, sat nav, automatic headlights washers, LED daytime running lights, LED flash headlamps and tail lights, parking sensors with camera assist, folding rear seats, electric sunroof, standard air bags with side curtains, lumbar supported seats, leather upholstered interior and steering wheel rake and reach adjustment.

It is big durable, reliable and stable vehicle with long wheel based structure. It is light weighted but strong in built.

Exterior and interior are great in appearance and practicality

It is a dashing vehicle with outstanding exterior. Front grille is good with big three pointed star in the center. Front bonnet is good in appearance. Front lights are of good style and front bonnet has good creases for big head lamps.

Front bumper is impressive. Doors are of good style with outward creases at bottom. Bottom side grille is good looking. Roof is flat and tail is good with strong finishing touch. Interior is great with exceptional safety features and equipment.

Sitting arrangement is good with good leg and head room at front and at rear. Dashboard is well packed and well knitted with outstanding and quality features and equipment, good in look and extra ordinary in use.

Good engine range is impressive and extra ordinary in performance

There are several powerful and outstanding units under its beautiful bonnet to drag this beautiful and luxury car.  There are 1.2, 1.8, 2.2, 3.0, 3.3, 3.5 and 5.5 litre petrol and E Class diesel engines with outstanding performances. Its engine range offers great driving experience with exceptional great control especially in corners. All these engines are quiet, silent and brisk in performance.

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