One of the Best Diesel from BMW is 320d

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23 Feb 2016
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BWM’s CEO also drives around in a diesel, a brand new BMW 730d

What’s the deal?

Volkswagen’s diesel gate scandal humiliated diesel engines for past six months and many people started thinking that other auto makers are going to pull back with diesel engines.

BMW has always been one of the top cars around globe and their diesel engines are brilliant. BMW is so committed to diesels that Harald Krueger, the CEO of BMW drives around town in his new 730d.

Who drives most diesels?

European market is one of the biggest buyers of diesel-powered vehicles, especially the British buyers. American’s don’t really love diesel that much, this is why most of the diesel vehicle never make it to the American market.

All the major auto manufacturers sell their diesel vehicles to the European market. Some of these engines offer serious performance alternatives to petrol variants in the similar price category.

Why 320d is best?

BMW 320d is one of the best diesel vehicles BMW has ever introduced to the world. Honestly, if you try to find any other car in either BMW line-up or in any other maker’s line-up, there is none to offer the blend of efficiency and fun to drive as BMW 320d. some might say that there is the mighty 7 Series out there that’s pretty good itself.

Yes, it is but still, 320d is more fun to drive with great steering, fun-to-drive personality and chassis dynamics along with an incredible fuel economy of 54 mpg. the 2.0-litre diesel engine in 320d may sound small but it is potent enough to record a 0-60mph sprint in around 7.5 seconds and top speed is 120mph.

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