Renault Master still a Leader in the Class

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8 May 2017
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Latest styling and a number of modern features in new model

With a lot of new appealing features, Renault Master has once again proved its superiority in class of loader vans. Exterior design has been made fresher with latest styling. New twin turbo 2.3-Litre diesel engine performance is praiseworthy and you never feel short of pull and 130hp is ideal mix of power and economy. Renault for many years has been retaining its supremacy in European van market and latest model of Master would further strengthen this position. You will find nothing wrong about it and it is due to its practical features. This engine has come up with extra 10Kw and 10Nm than previous model engine. Idle stop feature is present in all models of manual gearbox. Stability control has been further updated and hill hold feature is also included in recent changes. For soft tracks enhance traction control is present that keeps it moving on such terrain. Cabin has received a lot of alterations to guarantee you comfort and luxury.

Trays are there to store different articles separately

The overall impression of interior is pleasant. For storage, there are trays to hold different items and compartments for large things are also there to put. For people traveling in it, cup and bottle holders are rightly placed. The plastic used to build interior has been softened further to give a good feel when you touch it. Moldings are rounded, so there is no edge and feel is more soothing. The rubber put on floor is tough and your feet would feel the comfort. Upholstery of driver seat is of cloth and armrest is also there for the person sitting there and optional suspension seat is also part of interior. Air condition and other controls are simple to operate like cruise control, setting speed limit and reverse parking sensor. With updated cabin and powerful engine performance, it would make you think of it.

Excellent engine performance and low noise

Renault Master Engine performance is up to the mark and it is also quiet so no issue of noise. Weather condition may affect the smooth acceleration and at low gears, it shows lesser power to pull. Manual speed gearbox is the best as they change with ease and speed picks up instantly. Either loaded or empty, you enjoy a good ride as the engine is as good as any other competitor in this class. No big body rolls on bends and continuously remains in control. It can be harsh when you cross humps but become smooth once again quite soon.

Maximum load capacity

Steering wheel can be adjusted to control the tilt but its position to alter the reach is not possible. Buttons are big to do the operations like cruise control. You can imagine the size of this van by the figure of its maximum payload that is 1583kg. On safety fronts, it lags behind the rivals as it offers no optional trims as well. When fuel economy comes under discussion, all experts would vote in favor of Master because it is using just 8.7 litre to cover a distance of 100km.

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