UK MPs Slam VW

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21 Jul 2016
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UK MPs criticize VW for not protecting UK customers

MPs have slammed the UK government for demonstrating “little interest” in going after and prosecuting Volkswagen for the emissions scandal, and criticised the auto maker for not offering compensation to afflicted UK owners.

A report published by the Transport Select Committee rebuked the Department for Transport for being complacent in identifying whether Volkswagen shattered legislation in Europe by installing a defeat device in the cars.  The report slammed the DfT for trying to “pass the buck to the European Commission, which holds neither the evidence nor the power to prosecute. ”

MPs said responsibility to prosecute lies within national government authorities. The DfT was recently considering launching a legal probe against Skoda, if the Czech maker was found guilty of falsifying evidence as a way to obtain type approval from the UK Vehicle Certification Agency. The DfT, however, has yet to kick off an official investigation into the company.

The report also heavily criticised Volkswagen for offering US owners significant compensation – up to $10,000 ((£7,514) although not making a similar effort for damaged owners in European countries and the UK. The Committee found this “deeply unfair.”

Louise Ellman, chair of the Transport Select Committee, said: “Volkswagen Group has acted cynically to cheat emissions tests which exist solely to protect human health. Volkswagen’s evidence to us was just not credible but the Government has lacked the will to hold VW accountable for its actions. There is a real danger that VW will be able to get away with cheating emissions tests in Europe if regulators do not act.”

Ellman also expressed concerns over the fix introduced by Volkswagen: “We are concerned that VW’s fix was developed at the lowest possible cost which might lead to increased costs for motorists down the line. We have called upon the Vehicle Certification Agency to do everything in its power to ensure that does not happen.”

An Italian consumer group has discredited Volkswagen’s fix for the emissions scandal and claims vehicles which may have undergone the fix to remove the defeat device emit nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels that are 25% above legal limits.

The Italian consumer group Altroconsumo, a member of the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) tested an Audi Q5 that had been recalled by the VW Group and fitted with a new ‘flow transfomer’. Actually with the fix on-board, the consumer group’s results showed the car to pollute 25 per percent more than the EU legal limit.

Volkswagen’s fix for afflicted European cars included a new ‘flow transformer’ which helps to increase the accuracy of the air mass sensor, which often increases the EGR flow rate, resulting in lower exhausts.

Volkswagen has reportedly reached a $15 billion (£11.3 billion) settlement with US car owners. Under the package VW is providing to buy back or repair vehicles afflicted by the dieselgate scandal as well as paying out settlement.

Based on reports, the Volkswagen Group has placed aside $10 billion (£7. 51 billion) to fix or buy back around 475, 000 vehicles with the 2-litre diesel motors found to have ‘defeat device’ software installed to cheat emissions tests. VW has also decided to recompense owners with payments up to $10, 000 (£7, 514). US owners of afflicted VW Group cars have already received gift cards worth $1, 000 as an apology from VW.

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